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Dr. François GOUDAIL

François GOUDAIL has obtained PhD from the University of Marseille III in 1997, has been associate professor at Fresnel Institute in Marseille and is currently professor at the Institute of Optics Graduate School. His research activity deals with imaging systems in which it is essential to take into account the physics of image formation to perform efficient information extraction. His research addresses two main domains (conducted in collaboration with industrial partners): Polarization imagery and hybrid imaging systems using phase masks. He has published around 70 scientific papers on these subjects. He is deeply involved in the French community on innovative imaging concepts, where he organizes annual conferences. He is also topical editor of the journal “Applied Optics”.

Our research team will host two ESR’s on “Computational imaging for 3D measurements in industrial inspection and metrology” and “Polarimetric imaging in multispectral and high-NA systems”. We are also responsible for WP14, “Reporting on training events”.