Two recent achievements highlight the success of ADOPSYS in training optical scientist. Yunfeng Nie was awarded the prestigious Kidger Memorial Scholarship and Marco Mout published a new optical simulation method that gained much attention. This shows that ADOPSYS not only trains optical scientist for the future, but also develops new optical design tools for the present.

Yunfeng Nie is an ADOPSYS PhD student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The focus of her research is a new design algorithm for freeform imaging systems. With new production methods lenses can be made in far more shapes then used to be possible. The algorithm Yunfeng develops, helps in designing lenses with the right shapes. As the 2016 awardee of the Michael Kidger Memorial Scholarship, Yunfeng receives a grant that will help her in continuing this research.

Marco Mout is one of the ADOPSYS PhD students that works directly for an industrial ADOPSYS partner. The topic of his work at Carl Zeiss is the simulation of wave optical effects using ray tracing. The method he develops is particularly useful for simulating multiple diffraction and the propagation of a laser through an optical system. His publication on the topic was among the most downloaded papers of Applied Optics in May 2016.
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