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The Optical engineering research line at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid is divided into four main investigation fields:

  • Advanced illumination optical systems. We design and develop illumination systems based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Signalling systems and indoor illumination devices are designed and measured with the purpose of obtaining a maximum efficiency and a perfect adaptation to our environment. The car industry is strongly related to illumination optics due to a wide range of optical products are developed within this field such as headlights, rear lights and other inside light systems.
  • Optical systems for non-guided optical communications. We design optical devices that not only have a specific angular response (for both LEDs and Photodiodes) but also produce a extremely coherent and collimated light within the predefined area.
  • Photovoltaic concentration systems to optimize the performance of different solar cells.
  • Projection systems. A wide range of highly efficient and ultracompact optical systems are designed and tested in order to elaborate projection systems for home automation applications. These systems are specially focused on home cinema technology.


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